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Take the Driving Proficiency Test in San Francisco

Driving School San Francisco has served as a trusted driving school in San Francisco, CA, for years. During our years in business many California residents have chosen us to help them fulfill the state’s 30-hour driver education requirement, so they could obtain a driver’s license. We have been extremely successful in combining driver education and driver training with the convenience of online instruction.

Driving School in San Francisco

Our San Francisco driving school allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience. Our comprehensive driving instruction can provide you with all of the information and tips you need to handle any situation on the road. If there is ever a concept that you do not understand, we provide support by e-mail and telephone to make sure you have the knowledge you need to pass the test. And if you need to take our test more than once to pass, you can.

We Offer an Engaging, Exciting Learning Experience

Let’s face it. Driving instruction can get very boring and tedious, especially if you are just reading material for hours. Fortunately, our course includes flash animations, graphics, and interactive situations to ensure that you remain engaged and excited to learn throughout the course. Along with helping you get through the course in less time, our engaging learning experience can also help you retain the information learned so that you are more likely to pass the test and drive safely going forward.

Why Choose Driving School San Francisco?

We offer the education high school students need so that they can be on their way to getting their driving permit at any California DMV. When you compare Driving School San Francisco to other driving schools, you quickly realize why students throughout the state choose our engaging course over more expensive, run-of-the-mill courses:

  • Instant access online
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Shorter duration than school class
  • Secure website to protect your personal information
  • Encrypted credit card transactions
  • Lowest price in the state
  • Phone and IM support
  • Free chapters online so you can test out the course

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